This I Know

   As a print maker my process is driven by my love and respect of just that, the process. In print making the focus of the work is dedicated to the process. Slight deviations from the steps of any given process can ultimately lead to undesired results and even a ruined piece. My process is driven by research, organization and pure ecstasy from completing a process. My ideas are managed and planned in a series of sketch books. This practice allows me to choose the process I feel will best suit the individual ideas.

   My passion for processes is crucial to my creation of work. The direction my art moves is related to my experiences and what is happening in the world around me. They are my reflections of the society I currently exist in and grew up experiencing. They are often recognizable ideas from the twenty-first century and prior. While they fit specifically into the path of my own life, they are also social commentary of the world. These issues are not only pertinent to me, but also place me in the larger context of contemporary art and the dialogues that surround it.