The block, the plate, the matrix . . . where a printmaker spends all of their time.  As a printmaker I have always struggled with the fact that very few individuals ever see the matrix.  An artist may spend weeks if not longer working on one woodblock, one litho stone, one copper plate just to pull a paper print and hide the plate away in a flatfile until the next printing.  My body of work "Have You Seen Me" has always harbored a deep desire within me to showcase the copper plates, the matrices, alone without any reference point to the prints.  

    In 2017 my show at Cyclorama in Boston, MA allowed me just such an opportunity.  I chose to display thirty two copper plates for the show rather than the prints.  The wall of plates served as a memorial for victims of every kind involved in school shootings.  Each plate had undergone over fifteen hours of work time to reach their final state.  I intaglio wiped each plate as if preparing it to print.  However rather than printing the plates they were left for the ink to dry.  Each plate was then affixed to a french cleat hanging system.  The end result is one plate for one school shooting for each one of the years I have been alive.  At the end of the run is a blank placeholder plate waiting for the next incident and the horrifying reality that the epidemic will contine unless changes come about immediately.