Only Human

"Fear is a chemical process that has a fitting and logical place in the science of biological evolution. But to study on the science of fear is to miss the fantastic foothold it has in the doorway of the irrational. As living beings, it is only appropriate that we should fear pain and death." 

When I was diagnosed with cancer the fear followed shortly there after.  It was all encompasing and it seemed as if I would never be able to breath again.  But I was wrong and I breath stronger than ever.  With time has come an appreciation and respect of the awesome power that cancer has over the rational mind.  The delicatly shaped structures invade and overpower the hosts cells.  While they are the ultimate equalizer of human life they hold within them an inherent beauty.  Drawing cancer cells on litho stones began as a practice in rehabilitation of the mind.  Through drawing them I am able to see the beauty of their form and how they move.  Ultimately I am able to respect that which can take away life.